Master Plant Identification with Summer Course

The Plant Identification Summer Course teaches the basics of plant identification and identification of each of the plants on the Plant Identification List.

The purpose is to teach plant materials to people who are new to the industry or people with little plant knowledge. The first class introduces students to methods of identification and plant families and the rest of the classes are spent identifying plant material. The NHCLP Plant Identification List covers a wide range of common plant materials used in the landscape industry.

Audience: This course is appropriate for anyone who wants to strengthen their plant material knowledge and is also designed to prepare people for the Identification portion of the NHCLP Exam. It is open to both members of NHLA and non-members.

Content: Over 250 woody and herbaceous plants will be reviewed in the course, roughly 18-20 plants per week. Quizzes will be held weekly to review the identification, common name and scientific name of the plants covered. The plant list is posted posted here.

Dates & Times: Fourteen 3-hour sessions covering the basics of plant identification and identification of each of the plants on the NHCLP Plant Identification List. Held on Tuesday evenings, once per week, June 11 – September 10, 2024 from 5-8 pm.

Locations: Classes will be held at nurseries, parks and estates in NH, central to the majority of participants. Past classes have been held in the Concord & Seacoast areas.

Cost: $525.00 per student


  • Andrew Mauch, Sales, Millican Nurseries, Inc.
  • Abby Zuidema; Owner, Mosaic Plant Design

Format: Students will learn the identifying features and landscape value of the plants on the Plant List in the Certification manual. Students who attain a 60% average on weekly quizzes and the NHLA Plant ID Exam will receive a certificate of course completion. The Plant ID portion of the NHLA Certification exam is usually held a week or two after the end of this course. For information on the Exam see Steps to Certification.

Registration: Please complete the online registration form below. If paying be check, please send payment by May 31, 2024.

For more information: Email Abby Zuidema, NHCLP Coordinator,

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Plant Identification Summer Course

The Plant Identification Summer Course teaches plant identification basics, including all listed plants. Designed for newcomers and those with limited plant knowledge, it covers methods, families, and common landscape materials.

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Certification Via Reciprocity

Certification via reciprocity lets certified individuals in another New England State obtain equivalent certification in New Hampshire. Complete the Application for Landscape Certification Reciprocity, adhere to the Code of Ethics, and submit to NHLA.