Cultivating the Future of Landscaping through HELP Program

Horticultural Enhanced Learning Experience (HELP) Program for NHLA Members

The Horticultural Enhanced Learning Experience (HELP) program is an innovative initiative designed to connect NHLA members with new talent and hire skilled employees. As a cooperative education experience, HELP provides students with a blend of classroom-based education and practical work experience, commonly known as a “co-op.” NHLA members can leverage this program to hire Career and Technical Education (CTE) students, aged 16 years or older, who are enrolled in various CTE programs across the state. The ultimate goal of HELP is to introduce young students to the Green Industry and nurture them to become the next generation of NHLA members.

Providing Real-World Opportunities for Students

Through the HELP program, students receive paid work experiences in the real world, contributing to their growth and skill development. As interns, they must complete specific Educational Learning Objectives (ELOs) designed to enhance their understanding and expertise in the field.

Additionally, students participating in the program have the opportunity to earn micro credentials from NHLA in various specialized areas, including landscape construction, maintenance, fine gardening, landscape architecture, landscape lighting, irrigation, and arboriculture.

Becoming Part of the HELP Program

To participate in the HELP program, NHLA members must follow these steps:

  1. Apply for the Vocational Cooperative Education Program.
  2. Complete a Pre-Screening form to ensure compliance with Workers Compensation Insurance and maintain a safe work environment.
  3. Await APPROVAL from the NH Department of Labor.
  4. Contact the Director or Career Counselor at a nearby CTE Program.

The HELP program requires annual registration with the NH Department of Labor, and all necessary forms can be downloaded from the NHLA website.

Embracing the Future of Landscaping

Doug Cullen from Pinkerton Academy will reach out to CTE Program Directors, streamlining the process for member involvement. The HELP program represents an exciting opportunity for NHLA members to shape the future of the Green Industry by nurturing and training the next generation of landscape professionals. Although the program may encounter a few challenges, its vision is to create a well-prepared and dedicated workforce that will lead the industry forward.


HELP Committee Members

Beth Stavru, Stone Blossom
Bill Parker, Parker Garden Design
Greg Grisby, Gradient PLLC
Justin Gamester, Piscataqua Landscape
Kevin McDonnell, Manchester School of Technology
Jim Moreau, Northeast Turf and Irrigation Supply