Pillar #8: Listen Generously

February 28, 2024

In order for a team to function, they need to listen to each other. Coming in at #8 on the North Point Outdoors Pillars of Culture is “Listen Generously.”

Listening is more than simply “not speaking.” Be present and engaged. Quiet the noise in your head and let go of the need to agree or disagree. Create space for team members to express themselves without judgement. Listen with care and empathy. Above all, listen to understand.
As a leader, listening is essential and can be one of your most valued skill sets. As our Chief Operations Officer, I have a team underneath me that brings tremendous value and input. Listening to them, understanding what they are bringing to me and using it to grow both as a company and individually is instrumental in moving forward.

The term “Active Listening” is defined as “to listen attentively to a speaker, understand what they are saying, respond and reflect on what’s being said, and retain the information for later.” Active listening is essential for clear communication. More so, actively listening with your teammates shows the highest level of respect.

In a era of distraction, showing intent to pay attention goes a long way. Keeping your phone in your pocket while in a meeting rather than on the table or making eye contact while the other person in speaking shows that you truly care about what they are saying and value their contributions. If you have been reading these Pillars all along, you probably have picked up on a common theme: each of them provides a path to finding mutual respect and easy collaboration with our team members.
Listen to understand, not to hear…

— by Andrew Pelkey, NHLA President; COO, North Point Outdoors