Be Active, or Get No Benefit

March 3, 2024

When I first joined NHLA back in the 1980s, I remember Alan Anderson telling me that you must be active to gain any benefit from being a member. The same thing can be said today! You can join NHLA, sit back and then ask why I am a member, or you can go to Twilight Meetings, Dinner Meetings, education events, and become an active participant in the Association. Not everyone has to aspire to being in an elected position. Join a committee. Donate a few hours to man the booth at the Farm and Forestry Show, the Northeast Hardscape Show, or at the Field Day. Host an event at your shop like Andrew has done at North Point Outdoors. There are more opportunities than you think.

Membership provides the opportunity to network with other landscapers, suppliers, and all types of industry related professionals. Our Education Committee is working hard to provide quality opportunities to provide information that you can use in your business. Bring along your key employees to help them grow. One argument against this I hear is that business owners don’t want to help their future competitors. We all lose key employees at some point. Bring them if you want a well-rounded crew that feels part of your team, connected to the industry, and grateful for the opportunity to learn. They are our industry future business owners and members.

Through my involvement in NHLA over the years, I have gained many valued friendships with people I trust and did business with. So please become active in our Association – come share and expand your knowledge, meet other industry leaders and vendors, and grow personally and professionally. You won’t regret it!

— Bill Gardocki is a past president of NHLA (1994 & 1995). He is now a hardscape educator.