President’s Notes: September 2023

November 15, 2023

by Andrew Pelkey
September 2023

It was a record-breaking year for our Annual NHLA Golf Tournament! Registration filled up in less than two weeks. Between vendors and raffles, this year was our highest earning year to date. These funds will continue to be used toward increasing our Association’s offerings and bringing more value to all of you.

A very special thanks to both Jim and Pam Moreau for their continued efforts in organizing the tournament! This event was made possible by great vendor sponsors. See your September Newsletter for a list of sponsors.

Next on our event calendar will be our Second Annual NHLA Field Day held at the Belknap County Fairgrounds on September 20. This year we expect to offer more value through credits and training, access to more vendors, and in-field training opportunities. I’m looking forward to seeing this event continue to grow and provide more value to our membership!

August marks the middle of the green season here in NH. It’s certainly, a good time to evaluate how you and your team are performing so far this season, allowing for changes to be made for the second half of the season.

Understanding your numbers is essential regardless of your company size. We are currently working towards providing insight into building budgets through calculating overhead and direct costs and aligning them with target margins to yield the results you deserve. The average net profit margin for landscape firms across the country is a mere 5%. This is a lot of effort for a little return. Doubling this into 10% + is very doable with the right knowledge. Keep an eye out for events and resources in the next calendar year geared to improving your companies’ margins.

Cheers to the second half of the season!