Pillar # 3: Do the Right Thing, Always

August 10, 2023

Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to doing the right thing in every action you take and in every decision you make. Even when no one is looking. Always tell the truth. If you make a mistake, own up to it, apologize and make it right.

Some may say this is an easy pillar to adhere to on the surface. Staying consistent to always do the right thing pays major dividends to both your clients and the team you have supporting them.

A big contributing factor to North Point Outdoors’ growth over the last decade has been that we always make right by the client, even if it is to our detriment. We know that losing margin on a job but making sure the client is happy, will continue to maintain our client base and help growth efforts.

Internally, we operate under this pillar to keep ourselves true and accountable to our teammates. This aligns our culture in the field and in the office: that we do not cut corners. We do not overlook things. On purpose. Which highlights the most important component of this pillar, which is to own up to your mistake, and make it right.

We aren’t perfect. But we can be perfectly imperfect. On an interpersonal communication level, owning up to a mistake and apologizing can be one of the most influential trust-building scenarios to occur. When you are able to take responsibility for a mistake you made to your teammates, they know you have their best interest in mind.

Likewise, when you or your team makes a mistake at a property, notifying the client prior to their being aware of it will only make it easier for you to navigate. If you promote a company culture that owns up to its mistakes and has a process in place for information to flow, you will always be out in front of the client.

Do the right thing always, and when you don’t, be sure to own up to it and move forward.

— by Andrew Pelkey, NHLA President




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