Pillar # 1: Make Quality Personal

June 23, 2023

“Take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do. Ask yourself, is this my best work”?

“Make quality personal” is Pillar #1 in our 10 Pillars of Culture at North Point Outdoors. If you have been following along, I have shared Pillars 5 & 7 in recent articles.

Our Pillars of Culture are in no specific order, as all are equally important, but have been numbered simply to enable us to remember them!

Pillar #1 is intended to make sure quality is on the front of our team’s mind at all times. The obvious theme is the quality of the work completed. But when you drill into this, it is much more. We drive home the concept that the quality also lies in the experience the client had with you from the first initial phone call, the site visit, design process/proposal process, scheduling, work in progress, completion, and close out. All steps need to be executed in a manner of quality to leave the client feeling that the experience with your firm was a good one.

This pillar is imperative as you scale. For those of you who are owner/operators, you most likely have your hand on each of your jobs and are able to oversee this quality daily as you work with your crews. Your team follows your lead and makes sure your level of quality is met. As you scale your business, you need to find a way to maintain this level of quality, which isn’t easy to do.

This is where we believe it’s not just about the actual work you do, but how you manage the client throughout the process. We know that we aren’t perfect, and you will never hear anyone on our team say that we are. But what you will hear is that when we do make a mistake, we handle it correctly every time, even if it is at our loss. We strongly believe that this has been one of the driving forces in growing our business. You aren’t necessarily judged on the mistakes you make, rather on how you handle them, and they need to be handled in a quality manner.

Lead your management team to take a firm stance on the quality they are producing. Lead them to know it is okay to make a mistake; correcting this mistake after it occurs is the key to producing consistent quality even if it isn’t done perfectly the first time.

— Andrew Pelkey is chief operations officer and co-owner of North Point Outdoors. He is the current president of NHLA.

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