NHLA Members: Send us Your News

March 3, 2022

NHLA Members: Do you have news from your company you’d like to share with NHLA Newsletter readers but are not sure how to do it? Do you have a new employee filling a key role, or a team approach that could be interesting to other NHLA members? Not sure how to write it up or spread your news? Please let me know (crisablackstone@gmail.com) because I’d love to interview you and help write that article!

We want to include news about your projects or your community volunteer work related to the Green Industry and the horticulture world. We know there are different members who have earned awards or citations for their work, and sharing that news would be really interesting and motivating for others.

You are likely busy, and writing about your work or personnel isn’t “your thing,” but sharing the news and views would be terrific for all of us! Don’t hesitate to let me know, and we can arrange an interview time! I will be in contact with members I may have read about from other sources or newsletters, but hate to think there’s a story out there that should be shared and we might miss it.

This is a feature of NHLA: mutual support and the ability to show we are interested in each other help make this a vibrant organization capable of educating each other and our clients (current and future) about what we do and what membership means. I’m happy to help – no charge – all part of giving back to the organization that holds a firm place in the list of organizations recognized and respected statewide.

Send your notices to Cris Blackstone, NHCLP: crisablackstone [at] gmail.com