February 3, 2022

by David DeJohn, NHCLP
January 2022

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a great Christmas and Holiday season and a profitable year in 2021. No need to say anything about what a crazy and chaotic year it was because we all experienced it, and everyone I talked to pretty much had the same story. Hopefully you got through it, though, with equipment and crew intact and that you are looking forward to a busy, but hopefully calmer, season coming up.

Although we’re still navigating the variables brought on by Covid we have a lot planned for 2022 starting out with another Dinner Meeting on January 18 that will focus on the challenges brought on by labor issues and shortages (see page 5). From there we’ve got many more programs and events planned throughout the season to help business owners and employees alike. These programs will include, among other things, a Safety Training Day touching on chainsaw and equipment safety; Job Site First Aid to learn what to do before and after you call 911 if someone is injured on the job; and a Dept. of Safety Day.

As landscapers become more targeted by the Department of Safety and are being pulled over, inspected, and issued citations more and more we are really looking forward to working with the DOS and offering a demonstration/seminar on DOT regulations to help our members and all landscapers get ahead of it and be confident that they are compliant.

We’re hoping these classes can be held regionally to make it easier for everyone in different parts of the state to attend, so watch for more information on that. Back in the fall the Board did a phone survey of some NHLA members and though the response was very limited we did get some great ideas and feedback for future topics for Dinner and Twilight Meetings and other “hands on” field days and demonstrations, which the Education Committee will start putting together. If you have any other suggestions and ideas for topics and classes you’d like to see don’t hesitate to contact me (603-608-7860, DDEJo71@aol.com), Mike Barwell (603-491-0847, mikebarwell@yahoo.com), or anyone on the Board and let us know.

In February, the 4th and 5th, we are partnering with the Farm, Forest and Garden Expo where we will have a booth set up to promote NHLA and our members to the public. There is also the opportunity for some members to take advantage of free floor space being offered to create a display and showcase your work. There are also booth spaces available, for a fee, if you are interested in getting in front of thousands of potential clients. See more information about this event in the pages of this Newsletter.
Last but not least, the Board had a very interesting meeting back on November 2 at the Common Man restaurant at which we focused on the future of NHLA. Mike Barwell and Annette Zamarchi lead the discussion as we tried to answer questions like: Who are we as an Association? Where are we going? And, who are our members? Over the coming months, as the Board begins to grapple with these and other questions, I will keep you informed of the on going discussion and, as always, I will be looking for and asking for your input and ideas about the direction of NHLA into the Future.

Have great New Year!