Spread Education, Not Invasives

May 14, 2019

by Cris Blackstone

Check out www.playcleango.org, and help spread accurate, timely information about stopping invasive species and the damage they can cause in our natural or built landscapes. With their motto “Spread the Word, Not the Problem,” this organization has as straightforward website divided into sections such as Invasives 101, Take Action, and Resources. While most of this information may seem common knowledge to members of NHLA or to people in the Green Industry, there is information here that may be new and can replace older information you worked with.

Additionally, if you have a company newsletter or website where you post educational material for your clients, this organization may have information that can help you in those public relations activities for your business. Under the “Resources” section, you will find Early Detection and Distribution Species Mapping along with articles on how species move, and recreation best management practices. Videos offered as choices include up-to-date info on Emerald Ash Borer, and more on moving firewood, for example. These materials are for public use, and playcleango.org hopes they are shared and the info widely broadcast. Species Management and Identification includes several identification sites, which could be helpful for you to use when you are training new staff this season.

Organizations such as NHLA are frontline to education and community awareness – so please consider this site as you think of ways to professionally share information on this important topic.

May 2019

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