Scholarships Awarded by NHLA and by the Pearson Scholarship Trust


April 20, 2023

Ruth E. and Leon E. Pearson Scholarship Recipient
by Alan Anderson, Chairman of the Ruth E. and Leon E. Pearson Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Ruth E. and Leon E. Pearson Memorial Scholarship for 2022 was awarded to Sydney Hussey, who attends the University of Massachusetts Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Leon Pearson, an alumnus from there, would be proud of her.

The scholarship amount for 2022 was $8,000.

Sydney entered the Stockbridge School in 2019 and earned an associate degree in horticultural science. She is continuing her studies there toward a bachelor’s degree in sustainable horticulture. She has been on the dean’s list several times and received her associate degree Cum Laude.

Congratulations Sydney, as that is no small feat to achieve. Sydney’s greatest career aspiration is to be an educator. She says, “Educating and producing great employees is essential to ensure our industry’s future.” Sydney certainly has a good handle on paving the way for our future generations, giving them a model to aspire to.

On behalf of the Pearson Memorial Scholarship Fund the Pearson Committee would like to congratulate Sydney and wish her the best as she moves forward in the horticulture industry.

The current Pearson Committee members are:
Chuck Simpson, Simpson Landscape; Peter DeBrusk, Tuckahoe Turf Farm; Andrew Pelkey, North Point Outdoors; Jeff Toomey, Toomey Landscaping; and Read Custom Soils ;and Pearson Committee Chair, Alan Anderson.

NHLA Scholarship Recipients
by David DeJohn, NHCLP, NHLA President

At the bottom of every NHLA renewal form is a section that allows members to add a little extra towards a scholarship fund. This fund goes towards a deserving student, or students, looking to educate themselves and start a career in some aspect of the horticultural and landscaping industry. This year, thanks to you and your generosity, we have awarded three students $1000.00 each to help with their expenses. These three recipients — a student working towards becoming a landscape architect, a former graphic designer, and an art history major and educator — were drawn to careers in the landscape industry as they they’ve seen the effects of climate change, urban sprawl, and the loss of connection with the natural world.

As an art history major Emily Karmen is now using her artistic talents in the landscape design certification program at NHTI. With experience in conservation and environmental issues, as well as having received her master’s degree in education, Emily has a strong desire “to educate people and instill in them a wonder for nature.” Connecting children with nature, conservation and protecting wild places, and designing and creating natural spaces in urban settings are just some of the possibilities in Emily’s future. Emily graduates from NHTI in 2024.

For Minnue Uhm, a current student at Cornell University and studying to be a landscape architect, it was an early interest in art and the environment that led to pursuing his desired career. Once in college and seeing the possibilities that art and architecture have to address climate change, social justice, and food sovereignty he knew he had made the right choice. Minnue looks forward to gaining a better understanding of landscapes within the “built and political environment” and how landscape design can inspire environmental stewardship. Minnue graduates from Cornell in 2025.
Taking her experience as a graphics and user experience designer Janelle Maynard is now enrolled at NHTI and looks forward to “creating sustainable and low maintenance public spaces” that can be used for outdoor markets, fairs, and fundraising events as well public food and sensory gardens. At NHTI Janelle is learning about the importance of native plants, proper site planning, and ecological design solutions to improve the environment and to make neighborhoods more resilient. Janelle graduates from NHTI in 2024.

These three students are committed to making a difference in the landscape industry, and your generous donations to the Scholarship Fund helps to make that possible, so thank you again to everyone who donated. You are helping to bring in the next generation of landscape designers, landscape architects and plant growers. If these three are any indication then the industry will be in good hands. We look forward to seeing Emily, Minnue, and Janelle at future NHLA events!

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