President’s Notes March-April 2024

April 29, 2024

by Andrew Pelkey
March-April 2024

By the time you all are reading these notes, spring should be in the air! This will be my 18th spring season in our industry. Although I am nearing two decades of the “spring rush,” I still get excited each year!

Spring to me means new opportunities. Each year in business we get to embark on new contracts/jobs. Each one will bring different challenges, learning experiences, and hopefully profit!

At a recent event 20 of our member companies participated in a seminar hosted by Jim Houston, a Green Industry consultant. The group worked from their profit and loss statements to determine their true costs and desired target gross margin and net margin. This means that 20 companies in the State left with understanding their numbers and will be starting the 2024 green season poised to generate profit. Profit is essential. Owners need it to survive and companies need it to thrive.

NHLA is newly committed to offering both hands-on training for those in the field, and also educational resources to owners to help grow and refine their business. I was very excited to see the participation in this event, and will look to grow this event in the years to come! I urge all owners to reach out to NHLA to share their feedback in what else we can offer to help you do so.

I wish the best for all of you getting started this spring and look forward to seeing you throughout the season at our various events. q\