President’s Notes September 2021

by David DeJohn, NHCLP
September 2021

I’m not sure I’ve ever done this before but I’m writing these notes while I’m 36,000 ft. in the air heading to California to see my parents after not being able to do so for the last year and a half. Mom’s in a memory care facility and Dad is living in an assisted living community not too far away from her. Both are in relatively good health; got through the worst of the pandemic and lock-down pretty well. Restrictions were just lifted in both facilities to where visitors are welcome again, so I’m taking advantage while I can and before things slide back in the other direction.

Thank you to everyone who played and helped at this year’s NHLA Golf Tournament on August 3. You all helped to make it the most successful tournament we’ve had so far, and it really was a great day. The course was beautiful, the weather was perfect, and it was great seeing everyone out there playing and having fun. Needless to say I’m no golfer, and that became immediately apparent to Chris Dube and Ed Roy from Urban Tree with whom I was teamed up. I really appreciate their patience and good humor as well as all the tips they gave me. I’m sure it was painful for them but I had a great time! The fact that the day was so successful is in large part due to all the work and energy Pam and Jim Moreau put into organizing the tournament and making sure the day went smoothly, so please let them know how much you enjoyed it. We look forward to seeing you there again next year!

Thank you to Cris Blackstone, our current Education Committee Coordinator, for her work on the committee. Cris has decided not to renew her contract for the coming year, and we will miss the energy and enthusiasm that she brought. Cris will continue to be a part of NHLA volunteering when she can and will certainly continue to write great articles for the Newsletter. Mike Barwell from Perfect North Lawncare has graciously agreed to step in as interim coordinator while we seek to find a candidate to fill Cris’s shoes. Anyone interested in the position can contact me or anyone else on the Board and we can give you the details.

While we’re on the subject of the Education Committee, we have a Dinner Meeting coming up on November 9 at the Puritan Conference Center where Eric Mitchell from Northeast Nurseries will be giving a talk on Landscape Lighting. On November 16 we have put together a Pesticide Education Workshop, again at the Puritan Conference Center, that will include: Pesticide Regulation Review by David J. Rousseau; Pesticide Resistance Management by Emma Erler; and Invasive Insects in NH by Kyle Lombard. There is the possibility to earn 3 credits on this day so watch for more information and be sure to sign up early as there will be limited seating available.

As part of the Education Committee myself, it has been great to work with Cris, Mike Barwell, Emma Erler and Jonathan Ebba, and it’s nice to once again be able to put together and attend in person these various events that help to increase our knowledge and professionalism. With that said we really do need more people to step up and help on our committees, and we are especially looking for help on the upcoming Field Day Event that is still in the works, to be held at McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester next June. As I said we can really use the help and it would be a chance to have a say and some input into the Field Day, Twilight meetings, Dinner Meetings, and other events that we put on throughout the year.

Well that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ve left something out that should have been mentioned, but the deadline for the next issue of the Newsletter is just around the corner so I’ll catch it then. I’m sure everyone is still crazy busy as we come into the fall season, and I wish you continued success. Have a great Fall! j