President’s Notes September 2019

by Jim Moreau, CIT, CLIA, CIC, CLVLT
September 2019

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe another month has already past, since our summer of crazy weather. One day it’s 98° and humid, the next it’s pouring rain and then the next day, it’s 74° and perfect. Well, that’s Mother Nature for you. You can’t beat Mother Nature, but we can definitely work with her. I hope the rest of the season is, as good as, the first half and that you end it with great pride in what you’ve accomplished.

As I sit here in my backyard on a perfect Sunday afternoon, I’m looking at a perennial bed that needs to be cleaned out or just thinned. I think back to the days when I worked in the field, getting the job done to make the customer happy. I do miss it, but don’t want to go back, as it is a young person’s game. We are all getting older and need to train the next generation. I will be working with the NH AG teachers, again this year, trying to get them on board with NHLA. We need to help prepare today’s student and get them excited about careers in horticulture. I look back over the last 36 years and wonder how the hell I got through each season. I look back to the people who got me to where I am today. I would like to say “Thank You.” I will keep you all posted on the progress with the AG teachers.

It has been a long week, with a trip to northern Vermont, to work with an upcoming container nursery. Then we had the 6th Annual NHLA Golf Tournament, which was a great success again this year. I hear that Paul James had a great tournament, scoring an Eagle on the 14th hole. As anyone who has played Candia Woods knows, the 14th green is one of the hardest to play, since you can’t get the ball to stay where you want it. Any ball hit on that green rolls to the back left corner all the time. Nice job Paul!

I think the tournament is getting better each year. It was great to see so many familiar faces – people who have been playing for years. We met our goal for the tournament despite having slightly fewer golfers. The weather for the event was probably the best we’ve ever had. The beach towel each player was given, as a thank you, was well received. They were compliments of the tournament sponsor, Millican Nurseries, who has been the tournament for years. We at NHLA would like to say “Thank you” for your continued support. We are looking forward to next year!
As I write, we are looking forward to two more Twilight Meetings this season, one on August 21 and the other on September 25. Both are very interesting topics and should not be missed. I hope to see you there!
Our Education Committee works very hard all year round to plan these events for you. Our new Education Coordinator, Cris Blackstone, and the committee are working hard to finalize the details for the Joint January Meeting. Please reach out, if you have ideas for speakers or topics.

Well, that’s it for now, as I do not have anything else to say and it is now 9 pm. You’re all wondering why it took me six hours or so to write a short note. Well, that’s because I hosted a team barbecue, at the house. As most of you know, I have a very strange hobby. I belonged to a pumpkin chunking team, called the American Chunker. We built an air cannon to shoot pumpkins for distance and did extremely well in competition. We are 3-time World Champions and World record holder for distance. We shot a pumpkin 4,694.68 feet. We are now retired! It was great to see the guys today and just hang out. I’m sharing this because it’s all about teamwork. The Green Industry is the same. We all don’t have to do everything, but we need to work as a TEAM of employees, companies, vendors, and manufacturers to make what you do every day, possible.

Just remember:
“There is no “I” in “Team,” but there is an “E” for “Everyone.” A team achieves more when everyone contributes. — Robert Cheeke