President’s Notes May 2022

by David DeJohn, NHCLP
May 2022

Well… this isn’t what I expected be doing on a beautiful Sunday morning while drinking my coffee, and I’m pretty sure it’s not what you all were expecting to be reading from the president in this May issue of the NHLA Newsletter, but here we are. Things change, things happen, and so I’ve been asked to stay on one more year as NHLA’s president, and here I am once again trying to think of something to write as the deadline looms.

The ballots had already gone out and voting had already taken place so there really wasn’t time to let members know that you’d be stuck with me again. In the end it appeared that work and family time constraints would prevent Ben from fulfilling the president’s duties, so he and I agreed that I would stay on as president and Ben would stay on as a director, and the board agreed.

I really can’t imagine that NHLA members would have an issue with this, other than being tired of reading President’s Notes from me, but if, for any reason, anyone feels as though this isn’t right, then by all means talk to me or anyone else on the Board about your concerns. And if there is anyone who really isn’t happy with these circumstances, then by all means join the Board, join a committee, and get involved.

As far as everything else I wrote in the last issue, except for the part where I said it was my last one, it’s all true and I stand by it 100%. We have some very dedicated people putting in a lot of time for the Association and I’m looking forward to working with everyone as we begin implementing some of the ideas that the Board and the various committees have been working on. It’s going to be a very busy season in every way. We have a full schedule of Twilight Meetings, the Golf Tournament, Dinner Meetings and workshops planned right through the year, so keep an eye out for information and make some time to attend! Have a great start to the season!