President’s Notes March-April 2018

By David DeJohn, NHCLP

March-April 2018

So, here we are, the last “President’s Notes” you will be subjected to by me, and I promise this one will be short. Two years and four months this time around, four years and four months if you include my stint in 2010 and 2011. Might be some kind of record but who’s counting? I’m happy to have done it and honored that you all, or a least most of you, had the confidence in me to give it another shot. I can’t say I was any better at it this time around, but I think I was more comfortable in the role and was maybe slightly better at running a Board meeting, although that part is debatable, and if there is any truth to it then it’s mostly because Pam, our Business Manager, made it as easy as possible for me by making a few adjustments to our meeting agendas. Thanks Pam!

As I step down and make way for Jim Moreau to take over, I think 2018 finds our Association in good shape, despite a declining membership. We are a strong and viable organization still focused on providing great on-going educational opportunities for our members. With the help of our partners at UNHCE hardly a day goes by that you don’t find some information in your email about classes, seminars, conferences, and workshops to help in furthering your knowledge and keep you updated on the industry. Hopefully over the years I’ve been able to convey how much I love what I do and how important NHLA has been in helping me do it. That’s preaching to the choir though, and the more difficult thing has been to get that message out to a broader audience, to attract new members and have them see the value in becoming a member of NHLA.

This is where we could really use your help. We all know people and companies who are not members and who, in spite of the internet and social media, could really benefit. Well, invite them to a Twilight Meeting, bring them to a conference, include them in your foursome at our Annual Golf Tournament, tell them why being a member has benefited you. And, tell us why being a member has benefited you and give us your ideas for attracting new members. As I’ve said many, many times, this is your organization and we need your input to continually make it better.

Well, that’s it. I can’t thank you all enough for the support and kind words over the last couple of years. For those few who let me know you weren’t too happy with me or what we are doing, all I can say is I tried my best. And the only real solution I can offer is for you to come on board and join a committee or become an officer to make changes and to help lead the way.

Thank you so much to everyone on the Board and on the committees for your dedication, commitment, and support to NHLA. We certainly couldn’t do it without you!

Welcome to Jim Moreau, our new President. Good luck, I know you’ll do a great job. I look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Happy Spring and good luck in the 2018 season!