President’s Notes June 2018

By Jim Moreau, CIT, CLIA, CIC, CLVLT

June 2018

It is about 10:30 pm and I am sitting down to write this month’s notes. It has been a long day, as I also sit on The Irrigation Association of New England’s board, and we had our meeting tonight. Anyway, now that Mother Nature has finally given up her grip on winter and she has plunged us into spring, with a few 90 degree days, things are moving fast. It is refreshing to see the turf greening up, the PJM‘s flowering and all the other spring colors. Now the real work begins, as we try to finish our cleanups and mulching, all before for the summer kick off, on Memorial Day weekend. I know that we will all be a little happier when the mad dash is over.

As the finish line approaches for spring cleanups, the closer we are to the finish line for the Horticultural program at the Thompson School of Applied Science, along with the other three programs at the school. Many of us have great memory of the T-school. As I said in last month’s notes, by time you get the Newsletter, the issue with Thompson school might be resolved. However; after much research and hard work from the committee, we were too late. The closing had been in process for many years, unbeknownst to us. Unfortunately, the last class is preparing for this year’s finals. They will be the very last graduating class, in May 2019. I have mixed feelings about seeing the last Hort program graduate fade into the sunset. I want to thank all the members who called and wrote letters to the powers to be, at UNH and the State of NH, to get them to reconsider keeping the program. I think Dr. Dirt summed it up very well, in last month’s Newsletter.

Unfortunately, we are also still battling another big issue with the H2B visa program. It is sad to say that this is still on going and nothing seems to be getting done. The secretary of Homeland Security, Nielsen, is looking to release 15,000 visas before the middle of May, which is not going to be enough to supply the needed work force. Please keep contacting your NH congressman and ask to have the cap lifted. This is a problem that is not only affecting the landscape industry but many more industries in the United States. It will affect every one of us as the farmers and fisherman are also going to have trouble getting their work done. This is going to have a lasting effect on of our wallets as prices are surely going up, sometime in the near future.

Well, on to better news, from the board room of the NHLA. We have selected a company to build our new website. The new site will be more user-friendly and help promote members to potential customers. I know the committee has had their first meeting, and we are well on our way to a new web site. The committee is working with Pam Sullivan and her team from Creative Sullivan, in Concord, NH. Creative Sullivan has worked with many nonprofit organizations in New Hampshire. I have faith in the committee to do a great job.

Well, the clock is about to strike midnight and I need my beauty sleep (HA HA) and the cat is wondering why I am still in the office. THANK YOU to everyone for going the extra mile to create the best landscapes possible. Keep up the great work!