President’s Notes July 2021

by David DeJohn, NHCLP
July 2021

Summer sure isn’t wasting any time trying to push spring out the door as we’re into our first official heat wave of the season and it’s only the second week of June! It looks like it will be cooling down by the end of the week which will be good as I have a pretty big tree planting to get done and the less stress on the trees the better.

Speaking of stress (see how I did that), what a season so far! I know we’re all feeling it right now, whether you have a landscape company, a nursery, or you are a supplier. Demand is high and supply is low, causing delays and in some cases bringing jobs to a halt because material isn’t available. I’ve already had one little meltdown when a particularly demanding client kept pushing me on the phone and although I didn’t return fire at him I did take it on the person in line ahead of me waiting to get material. Needless to say I embarrassed myself. Apologies were given and, luckily for me, accepted. Like everyone, I had way too much on my plate at the moment and it got to me, but it also made me take stock of where I’m at this early in the season and to make a couple of changes to take a small bit of the pressure off. Spring, up to Memorial Day, is always and always has been a real push and a stressful time, but this year seems crazier. Not surprising given what we’ve all been through for the last year and a half and it’s across the board, affecting homeowners and clients, vendors and suppliers, manufacturers, truckers and installers. Everyone agrees it’s nuts but it also won’t last forever and we’ll get through it. For myself, as stressed as I might be, I’m thankful that I have the work I have and the types of projects that I like and that for every day that seems to be too hectic there is also a day of the quiet concentration of building a stonewall that keeps me grounded.

In spite of all the craziness I’ve been talking about we do have some opportunities coming up for not just some education and professional development but also for taking a breather and having some fun. By the time this issue is out we will have already had our first Twilight Meeting in well over a year at Shaker Village in Canterbury, and I look forward to reporting on that. We have another Twilight Meeting lined up in August at Kirkwood Gardens in Holderness and of course on August 3 we are back to our annual Golf Tournament at Candia Woods.

Unfortunately, as you may have heard by now, we have decided to postpone the Field Day Event that was going to be held at McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester on August 24. It was the right decision to make as this really wasn’t the year to try something so new for us. I think it’s a great idea and something we’ve never done, but in the end we just didn’t have the time needed to work out some of the details. We have laid the groundwork to have a great event though, and we’re shooting for next year some time after Memorial Day. Postponing the event will give us a chance to better explain to vendors and those who agreed to do demonstrations about what we would like the day to be and to work out the many details that comes along with trying to put something like this together. I’d like to thank everyone on the committee who put so much time and effort into this and helped lay the groundwork. I’ll be reaching out to you again and look forward to listening to your ideas and suggestions on how to make this a great and hopefully annual event.

That’s it for now. I hope you all have a great season without too much stress, and watch for more information on the Field Day event, Twilight Meetings, Dinner Meetings, and the Golf Tournament!