President’s Notes July 2020

By Jim Moreau, CIT, CLIA, CIC, CLVLT
July 2020

I hope all are well ! I never thought I would still be writing about the pandemic. Here we are, the world in the startup mode, trying to get back to the “new” normal. I never thought I would ever have to make an appointment to get a haircut at my barber, eat in the parking lot of my favorite restaurant, or wear a mask when engaging in activities, in public.

We are also dealing with the uneasiness around the country, as people protest the death of George Floyd. I understand the protesting, but I have a hard time with the burning down of our neighborhoods and the brutality of it all. It does not solve anything; it only creates more problems. I wish, as a country, we can resolve these issues and come together as one united nation.

I hope that everyone has been staying safe and healthy! I know we live in a different world, when the NHLA Board meets by Zoom conference. We are still planning educational events; however, they are only in the planning stages due to extended stay-at-home orders by Governor Sununu. We have had to make many difficult decisions due to CDC guidelines. We have decided to cancel the NHLA Annual Golf Tournament and the Twilight Meetings for this summer. We are hoping to get in two Twilight Meetings this fall, but that will once again depend on the Governor. We are starting to plan for the November Dinner Meeting; however, it will all depend on the opening of venues and the ability to have groups larger than 25. Unfortunately, we have to follow the CDC guidelines. We are excited to have the Dinner Meeting and see everyone in person, as long as we can do so in a safe manner.

We are also working with UNH Cooperative Extension, which has very strict guidelines for their employees and events. The Certification Committee is working to reduce the number of credits for re-certification for this year. Please watch for updates in the certification corner, of the newsletter and on our website.

In closing, I understand we are in the prime of our season and everyone is pulling their hair out with the endless phone calls. Customers want it done now, for next to nothing. Products are very difficult to find. Employment is even more difficult this year, with the extra unemployment benefits. Please stay strong! We all knew how difficult this industry was when we started, many years ago. I can’t believe it’s has been 37 years for me! We will prevail! Take it one-day-ata- time and lean on each other. I have always found the best part of the industry is when we all work together, share ideas, lend a hand, and teach something new. Stay safe and take care of each other!

“Smile at strangers and you just might change a life.” — Steve Maraboli.