President’s Notes July 2019

by Jim Moreau, CIT, CLIA, CIC, CLVLT
July 2019

Here we are in the midst of the summer heat or what is supposed to be the heat of the summer. We’ve had plenty of rain and the temps have not been the scorchers that we’ve had in the past. The weather has been great to work in, when it’s not raining. The nightly rain storms are the best has they’re gone by morning and we can still get to work. Speaking of work, the NHLA Board is working hard for you.

The first thing that we have completed is the talks about the merger between NH Plant Growers and NHLA. After reviewing the votes and much discussion, we have decided to not to merge with NH Plant Growers. We carefully considered the pros, cons, and your comments. We spoke with the NH Plant Growers and they totally understand. This does not mean we cannot revisit a merger, or joining, in the future. We will continue to work with them for the Joint Winter Meeting and invite them to our educational events.

We are also working on getting a new Education Coordinator for NHLA. We actually have a member who is very excited about taking on this position, but we have not finalized anything, yet. We have invited this member to our July board meeting to discuss the position and ideas. This position has a very large pair of shoes to fill, as Jon Batson did a phenomenal job. So please keep an eye out for the next Newsletter, as we’ll reveal the new Education Coordinator. This is a position that requires a lot of planning to organize the conferences and the Twilight Meetings. So with that said, I would ask again if there is anyone who would be interested in being on the Education Committee. The new head of the Education Committee is going to need help. The committee has two Twilight Meetings, so far, this season. The first is at The Stone Trust, on June 26, and the second is at Swenson Granite, in Concord, on July 17. They’re working on a few more. Please contact the Education Coordinator if you have an idea for a meeting.

There is another position that NHLA needs to fill, as Patty Laughlin is stepping down from her role, as the Certification Coordinator. I am asking anyone who is certified, or has an employee who is certified, to think about becoming the coordinator. This is another very important job within NHLA. It requires an organized person to maintain the paperwork for all the certified professionals, organize classes, maintain the calendar of events, organize the testing sessions, and set up and lead monthly meetings. If you know anyone interested in taking over this position, please contact me directly, so we can talk.

Well I guess that is enough on what we are doing in the Board room. We hope that the members are happy with the direction the Board is taking NHLA. We want to do what’s best for the Association.

There’s one more thing that we’re working on, and that’s increasing membership. So I ask for your help in recruiting new members. Some of the benefits of membership include: education, leadership, scholarships, networking, public promotion, advertising, and our monthly Newsletter, to name a few. We feel our membership is made up of experienced and respected landscapers and companies across New Hampshire.

I want to share a short story with you about a friend and his son’s yard. I was asked to take a look at his son’s irrigation system, as he thought there was something wrong with it. Well of course I said yes and went to look. This system had supposedly been started for the season, by an irrigation contractor. The contractor charged $100.00 to do the start up. I looked at the system zone by zone. In the first zone, I immediately found four heads that were leaking around the seal and needed to be replaced. I went through the whole system, only to find four more heads that needed to replaced and three leaks in the yard, from broken pipes. Remember, a professional came and did their job for $100.00. My friend’s son is now looking at spending more than double that to get it done right. This is one reason we feel education and networking is so important. If you have a question, you have a membership full of knowledgeable people to ask for help. The contractor who did this work makes the rest of the industry look bad. So I thank you for taking pride in the New Hampshire’s Green Industry.

“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help.”
— Sandeep Jauhar