President’s Notes August 2018

By Jim Moreau, CIT, CLIA, CIC, CLVLT

August 2018

Well, here I am on a Friday night after what seems like a very long week with some missed deadlines and product not getting delivered because of the lack of trucking needed to get it here on time. Anyway, it is the weekend and I plan on getting on my bike and pedaling a few miles to forget the stress of the week. We all need to decompress at some time in this crazy world we call the Green Industry. I find that doing something that you love to do after a long day of hard work is just what the doctor ordered. I can honestly say that this the first time that I will climb on my bike and pedal a few miles. There is something about challenging yourself to climb the next hill or ride 30 miles on a beautiful Sunday morning. I know that I could have used a few rides earlier this season to clear my mind and get a fresh perspective on what I was doing at work. So take a little advice and try to get away from the daily grind and clear your mind.

I know of a way to clear your mind and that is at the 5th Annual NHLA Golf Tournament. This is a great event to have some fun and meet new friends and see old ones too. It is on August 7 at Candia Woods Golf Club. I hope to see you there, as we had our largest turnout last year. This event helps keep NHLA fiscally strong, which allows us to continue with educational programming.

Well, on to the news of what the Board has been up to in the last month or so. We have decided to raise the membership fee to $140.00 from $130.00, to help offset the rising costs of running NHLA. We have not had an increase in a very long time and we think it is needed to keep the organization going in to the future. We also decided to offer a 3-year deal at a discounted rate. You would pay for 3 years at the $130.00 rate for a total of $390.00. We thought this was a great way to get your dues taken care of and you only need to worry about it every three years. So you will see the increase in your renewal for 2019, when you receive your renewal invoice this month. I would like to thank you for your understanding and continued support of the NHLA.

The Website Committee has been working very hard to get your new website finished. They have met several times to make sure it has everything it should to help you and your businesses succeed. Our goal for completion is December 2018.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the hosts of the two Twilight Meetings. Dennis, at Back Bay Stone, was a great host and treated everyone to a demo on thermal treating stone. Which is not as easy as it sounds; I personally will leave it to the pros. I also want to thank Anthony, at Dirt Doctors, for the tour and insight as to what goes into composting materials and mulch production. Finally, I would like to thank Jon Batson, Cathy Neal, and the Education Committee for all their hard work making the Twilight Meetings possible.

That is all I have for this month. Remember you can contact me with any questions or concerns at

“Remember to reach for the stars every day and enjoy life.”