by Cris Blackstone, NHCLP

I will be starting an Instagram account for NHLA work in January. The audience will be anyone interested in NHLA work/activities/education events, AND your work in the field that can show dedication to education, professionalism, or related topics. Have you visited a public garden, seen something particularly interesting at a job site, or offered a training session for your team? Do you have a photo of anything like those mentioned, or a photo that captures the essence of NHLA’s work with the natural world, with best management practices visible?

Please consider sending me photos of you, your crew, your work, places you have visited that we’d all find interesting. I am hoping the people who will eventually see this Instagram site will get the sense that landscapers are professionals, with multi-faceted ways to express that professionalism. This will not be a chance to advertise your business, per se, and won’t be an infomercial site or a sponsored site. My goal is to use Instagram as another outlet for folks to see landscape ideas / landscape projects / NHLA / as a cohesive group, promoting great ways to interact with the properties in the photos. While your company name will be used as a part of the post, this site will primarily be promoting NHLA as the source for professional resources and great ideas to consider.

Send your photos to Maybe even easier, you can text photos to me at 603-738-2195, if you prefer that method. Thanks, in advance, for your thoughts on more ways we can reach our public with the message that “NHLA = professional development, and that equals landscapers you’d like to see working for you!” I hope everyone considers photos as a great way to get that message across in 2020. There are bound to be some dramatic winter scenes on the horizon, and I hope to see some tropical pics from those of you who take a vacation before the spring clean-ups begin.